Courtyard Creations RUS4560 and RUS4561 Patio Swing Sling fabric replacement for the seat frame
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Sling Replacement for Courtyard Creations / RUS4560 and RUS4561 patio swing

Note:  This model has a unique scroll design on the side of the backrest frame.  Make sure you measure your frame as there are several other newer models that may have different dimensions.

Original Futon Style Sling - be sure to read about slings at this link before you place your order.

Finished size 63" wide outside dimension x 21 1/2" x 21 1/2" / 3 horizontal sleeves / double stitched / plus side perimeter sleeves

This replacement sling replicates the original sling with sleeves around all four sides.

Custom made with Denier 600 Speclok fabric / 3 year warranty

Also available:  upgraded fabric Awntex 70 open weave / 5 year warranty (select option above)

Consider a basic sling (with three horizontal sleeves - no side sleeves) - Saves you money!  Basic slings last just as long as the original slings on most patio swings. 

Proudly custom made in the USA.

We are not affiliated with any manufacturer, retailer or brand.  We specialize in after market replacement fabric for patio swings

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  • Cannot ship to: Canada

Courtyard Creations RUS4560 and RUS4561 Futon Sling Replacement

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