Walmrt RUS428Y patio swing 3 person sling replacement
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Original sling construction with sleeves all the way around the perimeter like the original.

A sling is the piece of fabric that slides onto your frame to support the cushion.

This is an upgraded Awntex 70 open weave fabric / 5 year warranty / prevents pooling of water which breaks down thread over time.

All our slings are double-stitched with 90 weight UV thread for durability.  This item comes in Beige only.

*Also available in Denier 600 Speclok fabric / 3 year warranty (saves $30) and Basic sling with just three horizontal sleeves (saves $70)

  • Item #: SL-RUS428Y-FUT-AWN
  • Cannot ship to: Canada

OriginalFuton Style Seat Sling Replacement / RUS428Y / Upgrade

Price: $149.00
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