Outsunny 2 person Chair Style Replacement Slings
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Outsunny 2 person chair style patio swing / new item / Set of Two
It appears the Outsunny brand or Retailer does not have replacement fabric for the patio swing models that they've sold.  So you're in luck.  As the only on-line company specializing in nothing but patio swings we custom makes sizes for most models sold by large and off-brand retailers.
Basic Sling /3 horizontal sleeves 6" wide / double-stitched /
Outsunny Brand / 2 person Chair Style / Model Unknown
Sling to be made for frame measurement of 20" wide x 20 1/2" seat x 31" backrest / three horizontal sleeves
Please VERIFY this is correct.  We are not responsible for customer measuring.

Upgraded fabric Awntex 70 open weave 5 year limited warranty

***We are not affiliated with any retailer / brand / or store.  We are an independent small company.  We do not carry any metal or plastic parts.  We only make custom fit replacement fabric for canopies, slings, and cushions.
You can select fabric a lower cost 3 year fabric option for $20 less.
We do not have the canopy measurement at this time.  But if a customer can provide one side to us we can replicate it and offer that as well.  Rough estimate $130 for the pair - but with Sunbrella Awning Grade Fabric which comes with an outstanding 10 year limited warranty.

Outsunny 2 person Chair Style Replacement Slings

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