Outsunny 3 person Replacement Sling
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Outsunny 3 person patio swing / new item
It appears the Outsunny brand does not have replacement fabric for the patio swing models that they've sold.  So you're in luck.  As the only on-line company specializing in nothing but patio swings we custom makes sizes for most models sold by large and off-brand retailers.
Basic Sling /3 horizontal sleeves 6" wide / double-stitched /
Customer measurement is 60 3/4" ID width of frame x 20 1/2OD of seat and 21 1/4" OD of backrest for sleeve placement
Please VERIFY this is correct.  We are not responsible for customer measuring.
Upgraded fabric Awntex 70 open weave 5 year limited warranty
We are not affiliated with any retailer / brand / or store.  We are an independent small company.  We do not carry any metal or plastic parts.  We only make custom fit replacement fabric for canopies, slings, and cushions.
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Outsunny 3 person Replacement Sling

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