Walmart Patio Swing seat support sling replacement
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Alternative Sling Replacement - 3 horizontal sleeves only - no side perimeter wrap sleeves.

If your seating gave way that supports your cushion we can make you a replacement.  Basic replacement slings have just three horizontal sleeves.  This replacement sling is not the same as the original. The original sling had sleeves all the way around the perimeter.

This sling measures 63" wide x 20 12" x 21 1/2" (distance from seat and backrest horizontal bars to center horizontal bar).

A basic sling replacement makes it easier to intall.   Some diassembly required to install sling.

Made of Denier 600 Speclok fabric / Kakhi color / 3 year warranty

See also our Upgraded Awntex fabric option made of open weave fabric / Beige color  / 5 year warranty

  • Item #: PG-SLING-BASIC

RUS472W Porter Garden Sling Basic Replacement

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