Walmart Royal Deluxe Patio Swing RUS4113 Seat Cushion Support Sling Replacement
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Walmart Model RUS4113 Royal Deluxe Futon Style Sling Replacement

A sling is the piece of fabric with three horizontal sleeves that slides onto the three horizontal bars.  It supports the cushion.

Same construction as the original sling design / includes side perimeter sleeves / Khaki color (not available in green)

Two fabric options.  This item is made with Denier 600 Speclok Fabric / 3 yr warranty

Also available in upgraded Awntex 70 fabric / 5 year warranty / Spruce

Note:  Although on this model your original sling seat support came "futon style" meaning it has sleeves all the way around the perimeter - you can replace it with a Basic Sling with three horizontal sleeves (this saves you money). 

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  • Item #: RUS4113-ROY-FUT-SL
  • Cannot ship to: Canada

Royal Deluxe Model RUS4113 Sling Original Futon Style / Denier

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