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Cushion cover fits Sams Club Model S05322 sold in approximately 2002

Cushion cover comes with zippers and ties. This product is designed to re-use your existing polyester fill saving you money.

Dimensions:  74" wide x 23" seat x 23" backrest x 3" thickness / Sewn Futon Style

Note:  The cushion polyester filling for these models appears to be inconsistent in sizing and quality.  We have determined the above size cushion cover gives the best fit allowing you to recycle your polyester filling. 

Polyester filling is always layered inoutdoor patio swings.  Additional polyester filling is available.  Add $55 for one layer of 3 ounce densified 1 1/2" loft polyester filling you cut to size providing one additional layer for seat and backrest.  Sheet is 74" wide x 44".

If you would like us to complete fill your cushion cover with new polyester filling to 3" thickness add $135. 

  • Item #: SAMS-S05322-CC
  • Cannot ship to: Canada

Sams Club Gazebo Swing Cushion Cover

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